Best Paleo Diet Practices to Lose Weight Fast


Today, we’re going to take a detour into the world of the Paleo Diet which, if you’ve been living under a rock, is just about the most popular diet on Earth right now. The premise; that our dietary habits have outpace our dietary evolution, and that we should take a step back to eating foods as our caveman ancestors would have. There are a handful of popular paleo protein bars hitting the markets already, and a slew of other items such as specialty meat snacks, grain free breakfast foods, as well as a whole host of dietary advice in the form of cookbooks and diet plans.

The real selling point of the Paleo diet isn’t how well-branded the those amazing little nuggets on Amazon are, but it’s the amount of data-backed health claims being toted around by medical professionals. Lower blood pressure, lose weight fast, stabilize glucose levels, and many other claims about the Paleo diet’s effectiveness aren’t just being maid, they’re being backed up by scientific evidence. The Paleo diet can help you throw around some serious weight when attempting to improve your health.

Lose Weight Fast

The Paleo diet, and other diets that drastically reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and processed cereal grains shift your body into a different state of metabolism know as ketosis. This shift is signified by the body utilizing fats as a primary source of energy rather than carbohydrates. Normally, on a diet full of carbs, your body views carbs as it’s primary source of energy so it starts burning them up whenever it gets a hold of some. That means that it is viewing fats as a secondary source of energy, and is storing them for later “emergency” use. Excess carbohydrates will also end up being stored as fat after they are converted to glucose.

When you cut out your carbs, a factor exemplified by diets such as the Paleo diet, you are signaling to your body that carbs are no longer it’s primary source of energy. Rather, carbs are now going to be a sparse commodity, and that your body should find another source of energy. Well, it doesn’t take your body long (sometimes as quick as three days) to make this shift. All the fat you consume is now going to be, through a different metabolic process, converted into energy on a cellular level. This means that gobbling up foods like delicious paleo protein bars will help you lose weight fast, and turn your body into a fat-metabolizing machine!

Long-Lasting Results

The most appropriate way to describe the results of the Paleo diet would be to say they are largely-dependent on your commitment to bringing them around. You lose weight by participating in a particular lifestyle shift, and you feel a surge of renewed-faith in yourself. Well, if you’re like the rest of us, that initial rush slowly fades after you get used to looking at the “new you” in the mirror every morning. What seemed like 50 pounds a week ago, is starting to look like just 10 or 15 maybe? It’s through extending your awareness of the Paleo diet that you truly experience the most long-lasting benefits. That means, once you start losing weight, you need to work to understand why you’re losing weight, and what that means for you. Maybe those paleo protein bars you’ve been gobbling have kept you excited enough to read through scientific studies, but probably not. Once you learn how the paleo diet is affecting you on a fundamental level, and how it will only build a better you over time, you may find the strength to maintain your health goals!

So, if you’re looking to lose weight fast, keep it off, and maybe even take a trip down our ancestral memory lane, the Paleo diet might be a good fit for you! Paleo protein bars, as well as many other delicious items are no available to help make this unique diet convenient as well! Good luck to everyone out there, and namaste!