Healthy Diets for Healthy Minds

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Our modern diets are screwed up—big time. We gorge ourselves at a near constant pace with an onslaught of nowhere-near natural foods. Hydrogenated, synthesized, chemical-laden industrial by-products are such common place that few Americans think twice when they see a twelve syllable ingredient with three z’s and two x’s in it. Such is the state of our modern diets, as proposed by commercial marketing and advertising. If you don’t eat fast food, you are in the minority. If you buy and eat organic and local foods, you’re in the minority. If you see a non-conventional doctor about your health, you’re in the minority. Such is the state of things; such is the direction in which we are headed. When the voice of a people has been so heavily influenced by concerns of profit and corporate well-being, little truth is circulated—leaving most “facts” as being relative.

Open Your Mind

The first act of any substantial self-change is one of shifting one’s perspective in some regard. Maybe you finally have a concept of just how much sugar those “sports” drinks have in them; maybe you’ve noticed that wheat is in nearly every product on convenience store shelves; maybe you’ve started to notice your doctor doesn’t seem to have many intelligible insight and consistently reverts to prescriptions. There are any number of things that make us see the same world differently, but that renewed visions is often what drives change from the most fundamental of levels—from within.

Listen to Your Body

The human body is amazing. My body is amazing, and your body is amazing; nature has provided us a complex system of checks and balances to help guide us through our lives. The clatter of modern lifestyle often drowns out the subtle voices our body whispers in, leaving many of us to hear it only when it reaches a fever-pitch. Long before heart attacks, strokes, cancers, or glucose diseases, our bodies send us many signals to indicate an imbalance. Learn to pay attention to the subtleties within yourself; observe the small things—it doesn’t mean you are becoming a wimp. Neutral observance is the key to picking up on your body’s warning signs before drastic shifts take place.

Traverse with Care

Much of the aforementioned clutter of the modern world is persistent through the bombardment of media an advertising surrounding us day in and day out. Being constantly told which products to buy, which foods to eat, and which whatever to whatever—it’s a rite of passage in modern times. When it comes to your health however, it pays to be vigilant in one’s choices—taking into account actionable research before making choices.

For instance; I was reading earlier about herbal treatments for SIBO infections. The research was solid; the results were promising; the data was relatively small but nonetheless consistent—but Google was a landmine when I took to the search engines looking for a product. I had to sift through tons of garbage websites like Livestong, WebMD, and other so-called “authority” sites that show up simply because they have a popular website. 250 words on “best supplement brands” shouldn’t find its way to the top of Google results simply bc the website gets a lot of other love. Fortunately I managed to finally find a great article that compared some of the best supplement brands out there; the ones that are trusted by professional health practitioners and actively prescribed to patients.

This struggle goes to show how hard it can be to find valid information on the internet, but should also serve as a potent abstraction to how difficult it can be to find any new direction in life. There are endless amounts of external influences which would seek to drive us as far as we permit. Only by having an open mind, and listening to your subtle feeling and inner voices will you be able to make notable change in your own life.