"As I come to the end of my formal studies (200 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training) with Summer Quashie and Leigh Evans, I'm just beginning to realize how deeply I have been influenced by their teacher trainings. They both have been the kind catalysts for change, growth and refinement of myself as a person and an instructor. They have selflessly shared with me knowledge and personal experience of yoga, ayurveda, meditation, chanting, nutrition, chinese medicine and philosophy, among other practices, for the enhancement of my well being and my spiritual development. I have become a more finely tuned, perceptive, sensitive, stable, genuine person with a greatly stimulated and continually expanding interest in healing practices for myself and others and the tools and support to do so. My teaching has developed organically from and is integrated with my experience studying with them. They have been successful in their attempt to "Nourish, Inspire, and Challenge", as is their philosophy. I am eternally grateful to Summer and Leigh for their generosity and efforts in organizing these trainings."
– Seth Lieberman, 2013 graduate

"Studying with Leigh Evans & Summer Quashie in the Yoga Sukhavati Teacher Training has taken my yoga practice & teaching to new heights. I now have a wealth of knowledge from which to teach, continue to study, & put into my own practices & routines. Each day, month, & season provides us an opportunity to align & balance our internal energies with the rhythms of the world around us. A Yoga practice can be aligned in this way as a tool to nourish ourselves throughout daily, emotional, & life long changes. My yoga practice & classes are not surface level; they have become sustainable lifestyle practices. Each class I teach has an intention behind it pulling from all that I've learned over the past year of studies with Yoga Sukhavati- be it philosophy & dharma, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, or Seasonal Asana. This training & these teachers are a life long gift towards which I have extreme gratitude & love.
" – Kelley Voegelin, 2013 graduate

"Honored, humbled, grateful – just a few words to describe how I am feeling tonight as I reflect back on my past year of training with Yoga Sukhavati. To be part of such a beautiful community led by Leigh Evans and Summer Quashie has been a deeply healing and incredibly enriching experience. I am not only a better teacher from their tutelage, but a better human. The holistic approach they teach encourages individualized care and wellness for each student, enabling me as a teacher to truly heal. If you are considering a 200 or 300 hour teacher training I cannot recommend this program highly enough! "
♥ – Natalie Rondeau, 2013 graduate

"Yoga Sukhavati is simultaneously a loving and nurturing community, a deeply healing spiritual experience and a holistic and multi-faceted training. I came out of it not only with new knowledge and understanding of myself, my students, and how Yoga, Ayurveda, Tibetan Buddhism, and Chinese medicine can help us heal ourselves, but also with an amazing support network of fellow yoga teachers, healers, and spiritual seekers."
– graduate 2013

"I feel my understanding of health, spirit, well being and traditional practices has been greatly enhanced. I feel like my yoga and self care practices are becoming more integrated, deep and personal."

"I continue to be inspired and invigorated by the training and find I can apply it not just to my classes and personal practice, but also can help friends and family with the knowledge as well."

"It provides the community, support, and guidance that freelance yoga teachers often lack; just as much as it teaches us how to nurture and heal our students and clients, it give us te tools to nurture and heal ourselves."

"Yoga Sukhavati is opening me up to new and rich levels of my practice – transforming it from a studio, home, and teaching practice, to a life practice."